Tuesday, January 12, 2010

why records still rule.

Sure, I don't listen to records like I should, the thousands of them behind me as I sit on the couch. The thing is though, it
is still a joy when I do, the cover, the little weird bits, the "art" that was added by some kid years ago, it all is an
enhancement to the experience.
I brought a crate of stuff back from my mom's, I still have about 1000 records there, mostly hip-hop, but of all the weird
stuff I grabbed, this Mister Rogers weird cover re-do, the Reality logo on the "all the way to heaven" 12" by Dougie Fresh,
and the Ken Lazarus LP, with crazy reggae covers of US pop songs, these bits stood out to me, things I could never see
had I "brought" back mp3's. Sure I love the convenience, but maybe I have forgotten something special, plus I hear those
old records are becoming valuable.