Wednesday, April 30, 2008

blackle and saving.

i flipped the background to black. the reason being, it saves electricity supposedly. i am not sure i like it, but, you know, why not.

blackle, the energy saving google

bobbylon x hamburgereyes.

My friend, Robert, aka bobbylon, is down with Hamburger Eyes, and old soul records. He does some great mixes that are in their podcasts.


Here is a list of what's in this one...

1) friends of distinction- going in circles
2) dionne warwick- you’re gonna need me
3) dee dee sharp- I really love you
4) dee dee warwick- foolish fool
5) black velvet- come on heart
6) the superlatives- i don’t know how
7) the five stairsteps- we must be in love
8) sylvers- don’t give up the good life
9) sylvers- what’s it all about
10) norman feels- you can’t stop my love
11) candi stanton- too hurt to cry
12) the impressions- i’ve been trying



being 16 again.

So I have this song, I got it from Ryne up in Tdot (thanks!). It's a sick, ahem, remix of Cassie with the Cure. Merryl, our PR expert, described listening to it as "being 16 again." I couldn't agree more. I guess the Cure part does that.

I heard it on the "personal audio device" this morning on the bus, and thought it would be a great thing to share.

Here is the video with the Cure addition.

For any of ya'll close, holler and I can provide the actual.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I am letting you in on a big secret today, one of my all time FAVE blogs.

Jan Chipchase gets to travel the world doing research on behalf of Nokia. He spends time in some of the most technologically enriched countries in the world, and in some of the most deprived. His insights are so significant sometimes, that it is amazing he gathers them in the limited time he seems to be in each location. He is also an incredible photographer. So I spend many visits, completely ignoring his writing (shame on me!) but only looking. Pictures of dental care, guys on bikes who charge your cell in the Sahara, cute signage, etc. It oddly is so (un)related to what I do, that I gain many creative ideas from it.

My obsession for his site is three fold really, one I travel a LOT for work (though not so much this year), I work all day in broken English communicating with all parts of the world (mostly Asia), and lastly, because it's about a bunch of tech stuff, innit?
(not to even mention, the pure beauty of human life, and how we are all similar, but not)

Please to enjoy.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

two brothers.

Strath's brother Sky bartended Friday nite at Arrow on Avenue A.
I found it very entertaining that they both had on Rod Lavers. Even funnier that Sky's were filthy and his jeans old, while Strath was fully dipped. Being an only child, I notice lots of sibling similarities many probably don't. It's just funny to me.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

weekend fun.

I was recently browsing, hadn't been there in a second since has been around (excellent, eclectic downloads!), however Raj re-did all the mix formats and archived them, and, it's really nice. Here and below is Jeff and Dave's, my partners, jkettle x coolhands mix from 2004.

Click for TONS more mixes and goodness.

Also a bit more on the music front, I found this amazing site in my searches.

A few items to look out for and note-

-Lordz of Brooklyn (I had forgotten how good this was)
-The Jaz (yeah with Jay-Z, we were never able to sell these when I worked at Phonoluxe Used Records in Nashville, it's amazing now)

Lastly, a little bit of political fun, and, btw, can we have this election already?!?!? haha. (seriously though, I am ready to move on.)

And, oh yeah, I am really digging the Macarena these days. "Hey Macarena!"

Friday, April 25, 2008

yall so stupid.

Based on all this recent reminiscing, I have been digging through my mind for things that entertained my past. Being in Nashville, Johnny Cashville, I spent lots of time going to Atlanta in the early 90's.
So recently, I really wanted to hear Atlanta based, skate rap group, yall so stupid again. I did a few quick blog searches (google blog search is sick) and found a posting of the full album, I have it somewhere, maybe at mom's in Cashville. anyways, if you knew them and forgot, get it, if you don't know, get it, if you already have, play it now.

the single

the full album

Thursday, April 24, 2008

kidrobot fashion show.

here is video of the kidrobot fashion show in toronto.

I dj'ed.

edit>> I forgot to say BIG thanks to Nichole, Alessandra, Anna and Young-ah, Ryne, Ray 1 and Ray 2, Byron, Maze,and Jean! Plus everyone at CiRCA, and e'eryone at kr.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the nevernever.

Lately, I have been rediscovering tons of my favorites joints from the early 90s. U.M.C.'s was always a favorite. Weirdly though, I think I only ever saw the video for Blue Cheese back then.

I was checking youtube for kid n' play videos, (hahaha, yeah, you know you have too!!) and then was like, I want to check the U.M.C.'s out, and BOOM!

This piece of pure, historical beauty pops up. Claymation and hip-hop, plus a vintage eastern block cartoon? I mean what else do you want in a video. Really? Not too mention, it is maybe my fave song by them.

Just wait though, I got tons of of history headed your way, including something inspired by Strath's "Don't Front" series.

123klan sale!

my peoples, scien and klor are having a big sale!

check it out on their site!

sale here 123klan sale!


earf day.

today christine is doing a big post on earf day.

go check it out, lots of friends suggestions. we have been doing lots at home, including unplugging everything, buying more in bulk, trying to use less. not to mention me not eating meat for 17 years, that has to help somehow. hahah.

Monday, April 21, 2008

dave tompkins x newcleus.

my friend dave (a friend via fumi) has a great article up. he has been researching the vocoder and related records for a few years now. and of course has seen his share of electro records. this is a nice piece on newcleus.

check it out here!

weekend wrap-up.

a few various pics from various sources from nichole's b-day weekend. (thanks ya'll)

friday nite dance off, pre spankrock.

then spankrock and crew. big up to chipset.

the saturday mexican dinner, the vice-versa of the picture below, kathie olivias, brandt peters, huck, me, uman, and nichole.

sat nite at lit. (i dont have any good dancefloor pics, the bb flash wasnt strong enough.)


the hova.

jay-z wearing a kidrobot cardigan.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

the mexican dinner.

the dj again.

yeah djing again tonite with alphabeast aka tim biskup at lit. 130 buzzards.

the after bash.

spankrock and amanda blank were the special guests at nicholes bday. omg good times. more pics to follow.

the knee.

wow so now my voice feels like my stupid knee. good thing I'm doing a talk at brooklyn museum today. maybe I should run a marathon after. 

Thursday, April 17, 2008

the baroness bash.

Nichole is having an insane b-day bash tmw nite. I am dj'ing for a bit, should be totally insane as we are releasing a super, super limited 8" dunny and it is NYCC right now.
Here is the info.

ROLL THROUGH! There is a secret surprise guest too!

ny times.

I am quoted in the ny times today in Marianne Rohrlich's great Thursday shopping section.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

other distractions.

A few recent distractions.

Strath's excellent blog, about most everything. Strath used to run Conception Records (da Grassroots anyone?) with Supreme out in Seattle, he was more recently art director at Visionaire, and is a member of my weekly drinking night. ha. Lots of record finds with audio there. And tons of his great photos.

My wife's blog. I have mentioned her creative work before, but now you can see the brain as well. Excellent posts on design, and nice interviews in her "Five Whats" section, Peskimo, Maryink, and Paul Budnitz, among others have put their "five on it" so far. Also, her interest (and mine) and reports on French movies and the such.
Both Highly Recomended.

Speaking of, anyone seen this crazy French Noel video, Gainsbourg, Goya, Marchand, Dutronc, etc. Its totally insane.

Kidrobot Fashion Show

We had some crazy stuff happen in the past few months. Namely, a Kidrobot Fashion Show in Toronto. It was insane, I wound up dj'ing it, I will post the mix when I get it.

styling was done by the lovely