Friday, July 30, 2010


Christine and I had a really great, little, one day get away to the tip of Long Island in Montauk for her birthday. It really feels remote out there, even the vegetation feels different, and more like a tropical island. We definitely plan to go back!

Along the way we stopped at Candy Kitchen in Bridgehampton for a sundae, it appears to have changed very little since it's 1925 opening. The ice cream was good there, though the service was a bit iffy. However, once we got back to Brooklyn, Christine took me to the new-ish Brooklyn Pharmacy and Soda Fountain. Built in an actual old refurbished pharmacy on Henry Street in Carroll Gardens, it's original decor was changed very little which made it feel very authentic. It was the perfect setting for us to enjoy our Lime Rickeys, our unofficial drink of this summer -- I think we have had nearly 200 of them since summer started this year, and zero last summer, haha.

We also started a new tradition that hopefully we will keep as well, it is watching the sunrise on each of our birthdays, though mine is in the dead of winter!

We will see!