Wednesday, April 16, 2008

other distractions.

A few recent distractions.

Strath's excellent blog, about most everything. Strath used to run Conception Records (da Grassroots anyone?) with Supreme out in Seattle, he was more recently art director at Visionaire, and is a member of my weekly drinking night. ha. Lots of record finds with audio there. And tons of his great photos.

My wife's blog. I have mentioned her creative work before, but now you can see the brain as well. Excellent posts on design, and nice interviews in her "Five Whats" section, Peskimo, Maryink, and Paul Budnitz, among others have put their "five on it" so far. Also, her interest (and mine) and reports on French movies and the such.
Both Highly Recomended.

Speaking of, anyone seen this crazy French Noel video, Gainsbourg, Goya, Marchand, Dutronc, etc. Its totally insane.