Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I am letting you in on a big secret today, one of my all time FAVE blogs.

Jan Chipchase gets to travel the world doing research on behalf of Nokia. He spends time in some of the most technologically enriched countries in the world, and in some of the most deprived. His insights are so significant sometimes, that it is amazing he gathers them in the limited time he seems to be in each location. He is also an incredible photographer. So I spend many visits, completely ignoring his writing (shame on me!) but only looking. Pictures of dental care, guys on bikes who charge your cell in the Sahara, cute signage, etc. It oddly is so (un)related to what I do, that I gain many creative ideas from it.

My obsession for his site is three fold really, one I travel a LOT for work (though not so much this year), I work all day in broken English communicating with all parts of the world (mostly Asia), and lastly, because it's about a bunch of tech stuff, innit?
(not to even mention, the pure beauty of human life, and how we are all similar, but not)

Please to enjoy.