Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Kidrobot was invited by Cooper-Hewitt to participate in their GlassLab a project of Corning Museum of Glass.

It was a really amazing experience, we opted to start at base one, by recreating a Munny and Dunny to learn what the material limitations are. Having any future chance, I would love to push some boundaries on this in the future, with a vinyl glass mash-up.

Joanna and Alex of Kidrobot were also on hand, and were (of course!) excellent companions for the trip. I think we all really learned a lot from the experience. The weird similarities between glass and vinyl are interesting to note as well.

There is an excellent write up on the whole event in the NY Times today.

Friends of mine, Tobias Wong, Patrick Li (Work In Progress), The Boyms, and Harry Allen (who also designed our newest NYC store) are all involved, and have contributed crazy sick items so far. One of the craziest things was a book on typography, enclosed in a glass envelope (which then caught on fire due to the heat, fahrenheit 451˚ anyone?), unfortunately the glass guys couldn't remember who did it. (mb Tom Scott?)
Here are some pics.