Monday, May 12, 2008

toronto and the weekend.

So, I had posted up some pics of Sket's installation in the Kidrobot Room at CiRCA Friday night as he was posting them up. Really great Dunny custom's featuring classic board games. Life, Jenga, Battleship, Chutes, Candyland, and Trouble (with a working popper!)

Here are the ones I didn't blog from my phone. They will be available through the Kidrobot site.

I was then off to visit Nathan Jurevicius working on some art for his show, here are a few more pics.

Also at Pony, was the great Gary Taxali show for his "Oh No!" figure, I bought one of the prints for the wife.

Sket and Kristin at Magic Pony and I checked out this grad show at OCAD Saturday, great Puzzle paintings from a Pony employee.

The crazy "memphis" -esque OCAD building is by Will Alsop.

Then I was off, off to return home.