Thursday, May 1, 2008

jason ralph.

Funny thing. Growing up I always knew about the daydreaming cartoon character, James Ralph Phillips, because, of all things, it happened to also be my dad's name. Later in life, when my good friend Jason mentioned he wanted to use it as his band name, I think he was a bit surprised I knew the character. Though everyone knows I ONLY watch cartoons.

Jason is also from Tennessee, we have more funny stories to share than really should be allowed, like the time we filmed a mockumentary nature show, with me in a wig (I HAVE to find the pic). Those were also Jason's humble beginnings as a multi-instrumentalist.

He has now matured into a super talented musician, and today launched an amazing website (you must check it out) to coincide with his new self-titled album, j.ralphphillips. He also did the art for the whole website and album cover.

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