Monday, September 14, 2009

Salon - We Are FAMILIA

I am so bad, I was in this show, via my good friend Jen, and I forgot to post it up the whole time it was going. :( 

I did  a piece featured in the keepsake box, about ski sweaters and swinging parents. see pic.

I just got this e-mail today from the amazing team at Open Space. Check out the stuff on their site, and buy something!

"Although the We Are Familia Show just ended. We wanted to share this great interview with 2 of the artists in the show, Nadia Yaron from Nightwood and Yoh Nagao. You can still see all the amazing work from this show on our website. Enjoy.

Salon WE-ARE-FAMILIA presents original family based paintings, prints, collages, photos and sculpture by 10 of its members and a "keepsake box" including 37 works of art from collective members including chris yormick, geneviéve gauckler, hisham bharoocha, holly stevenson, marc mcandrews, mike skinner, oliver vernon, olivier babinet, rashaad newsome, rockers nyc, sweden graphics, superette, thundercut and more! 

Full name

 Nadia Nikolaievna Yaron

 Yoh Nagao

Nickname / Moniker / Tag / AKA

 Don't have a nickname


Give us a brief rundown of your life experience.

 I was born in Sao Paulo Brazil, and moved to Long Island when i was 6.  I grew up there graduated high school early and went to manicurist school.  I moved to Brooklyn at 19 and went to Hunter for Women's studies while working as a celebrity manicurist. After I graduated I worked briefly at New York ctiy council on the women's issues committee for a year and escaped to a tree house in Austin Texas for a month.  Came back to New York and started re-working chairs and waitressing and managing restaurants whil going to school for Holistic health.  Soon moved to LA for 10 months and had a hard time. Came back to New York and Nightwood started.

I've been painting since I was child. This is my creation root. After graduation of art school, started design work of posters, flyers, logos, leaflets, catalogues and illustrations.
Participation to the exhibitions and competitions. Starting original line "Yogurt" in 2006.

What do you work hardest at?

 I work hardest at my job right now, it used to be on myself.
Yoh: Drawing lines. Choosing motifs.

Where were you born?

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil

 Yokohama-city, Japan

Describe your hometown.

 I consider Setauket, Long Island my hometown because I grew up there.  It's comprised of mini-malls, min-vans, and sycamore trees.

 Nagoya is the 3rd biggest city in japan. Nothing crazy like Tokyo has. Hard to find cool things. Hard to grow new things. So you have to look outside of this city, Tokyo or world.

Where do you live now?

 live in Brooklyn


What is your best memory since living there?

NW: I have so many memories, one that sticks out in my mind is my first day of first grade when we just moved from Brazil.  I was nervous and shy but met my best friend of 10 years at the pencil sharpener.  I didn't know how to use it and she showed me, introduced herself and we were fast, inseparable friends for many years after.

Yoh: A lot of encounters.

Describe your contribution & how it relates to the concept of family.

NW: Nightwood's contribution was furnishing the show like a dining room.  it's a gathering place for formal and non-formal meals.  I think it's the easiest way to understand a families dynamic and everyone's role.

Yoh: I chose child and mother as a motif of minimum family structure, then expressed some kind of relation of a side to bring up and the side that are brought up.

What brings your family together?

NW: Food brings my family together

Yoh: laughter by stupid joke.

What keeps your family apart?

 Distance-as in mileage keeps us apart

 When a change is necessary.

What have you inherited?

NW: Material things i inherited were jewelry from my grandmothers.  Non-material things are creativity and the need to keep moving from my mother, pragmatism from my father.

 Keep smiling. Do whatever you want to.

What will you pass on?

NW: I can't really know until I'm dead.

Yoh: To have enough free spaces in your mind. Do whatever you want to.